Bison Rams Car With Two Kids Hanging Out Of The Window At New York Animal Park

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We all know that Yellowstone National Park has recently been home to a number of unfortunate bison encounters.

We’ve seen two people get gored, and another man get knocked over a railing in less than a week.

However, it’s not just about Yellowstone… a bison will ram you just about anywhere. Even in a New York zoo.

Located in Chittenango, New York, The Wild Animal Park offers a drive-thru safari where folks can experience the wonders of nature from the comfort and safety of their own car.

Well, I guess not safety…

According to the Toronto Sun, this video was captured at The Wild Safari Drive Thru part of the park, when a bison approaches the car in front of our videographer.

With two young kids hanging out the window, the bison comes closer and closer, takes a sniff, and unleashes a vicious headbutt to the kids. Their heads bounce off the top of the window frame and they sink back into the car.


Needless to say, the person filming quickly rolls up their windows.

The park commented on the matter saying that visitors are expressly told to stay inside their vehicles at all times and that includes hanging out of the windows. They also added that the children in the video were not injured.

Damn, looked like a hell of a headbutt to the face for that kid to walk away uninjured… but thankfully, he did.

I mean, can you imagine getting a headbutt from someone with a head that weighs a couple hundred pounds? Not on my to-do list…

According to The Wild Safari’s website, the animal park operates as both a zoo, and a drive through animal safari, and you can even schedule personal animal experiences:

“Located on over 40 acres just north of the Village of Chittenango in New York State, The Wild Drive Thru is a drive through safari that provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about a variety of animals in the comfort of their own vehicle or in our guided tour on THE BEAST.

With a wide range of domestic and exotics animals from all over the world in multiple pastures, it’s a great place for adventure, learning, and hours of family fun! You have the choice of doing The Wild Drive Thru, The Wild Animal Park, or do both.”

This particular bison was reportedly removed from the exhibit.

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