Louisville Basketball Fans Adopt Zach Bryan’s “Revival” As Rallying Song As Head Coach Pat Kelsey “Revives” The Cardinal Brand

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Zach Bryan’s “Revival” is an all-timer, and if you’ve ever seen the country artist live, you know that particular song always brings the energy. It’s also bringing a lot of high spiritedness to a once proud fanbase that has been toiling in turmoil and mediocrity for the last couple of years.

It’s no secret that the University of Louisville men’s basketball program hit rock bottom. The “Kenny Payne Experiment,” as you might call it, was a complete disaster. Even Payne himself related his tenure as a head coach at his alma mater to the Titanic, albeit it was unintentional.

Louisville finally “ended the Payne” after Kenny went 12 and 52 in his two years at the helm, which resulted in the once prominent, 3-time* (if you still count 2013) National Champion Cardinal team having one of the worst winning percentages in all of college basketball:

Once Louisville officially decided to make a change in the leadership of their program, they went with former College of Charleston head coach Pat Kelsey. It’s still early in the proceedings, but upon initial inspection, his fiery personality seems to be the right fit for the Louisville team.

Kelsey won over “Card Nation” with his opening press conference, and ever since then, he has been going to work recruiting basically an entirely new team to suit up in the Cardinal colors next season. Coach Pat has landed 8 commitments in 28 days, which is pretty impressive with the modern day landscape of college athletics.

As a humble, beaten-down Lousiville fan myself, I’ll answer the above post’s question of “How we feeling Card Nation?” by saying, “Pretty good… probably the best Louisville fans have felt in years.”

And the slogan of this rebuild and all of its progress has been “The ReviVILLE,” obviously a play on “The Ville” nickname Kentucky’s largest city has been given. Pat Kelsey is doing his darnedest to bring the University of Louisville back to glory, and it’s definitely going to take a full on revival to do that.

So what better song to act as a rallying cry than Zach Bryan’s “Revival?” Sure, it’s not spelled the same as how Louisville fans are branding it, but it still works nonetheless. Anytime the Cards have landed a recruit, fans on social media have flooded the internet with their own videos set to Bryan’s song.

Hopefully Zach doesn’t hit them with a cease and desist. The last thing Louisville needs is yet another messy run in with the law/rules. Just in case you are reading this Mr. Bryan, these videos and their use of your song is not hurting anyone. It’s actually helping a lot of Louisville fans heal, and that’s got to be worth more than any copyright lawsuit settlement.

Love it.

And just in case you wanted to fire up Zach Bryan’s song in a non-Louisville-basketball-meme way, you can press play on the video below:

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