Drone Captures Bull Shark Swimming By An Even Larger Saltwater Crocodile

Salwater croc and shark
Larnja Safaris

There’s a couple beasts.

Bull sharks are some of the most well-known sharks to people, and there’s a good reason for it… they attack more people than most species and like to hangout in shallow areas where people are more likely to be swimming. Bull sharks are fair sized predators, reaching 500 pounds and 8 feet in length.

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living reptiles in the world. These beasts have a bad reputation for being some of the fiercest predators in the entire world. They have a bite that can each 3,700 PSI, making it one of the strongest in the world, able to snap bone like toothpicks. They can reach over 2,000 pounds of pure muscle… just a brute force to be reckoned with.

Based on size, bull sharks are at a disadvantage, but their interactions are fairly rare, with only a few documented cases of crocs going after sharks. It can happen though.

This drone caught a close encounter of these 2 wild predators in action. It eyes up a saltwater croc swimming through the ocean. It all seems pretty normal until it goes by a bull shark and shows how big the beast really is.

Not today, croc… not today.

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