Marvin Harrison Jr. Wins NFL Draft Fashion Show With “Lion King” Chain That Pays Tribute To His Hall Of Fame Dad

Marvin Harrison Jr.

Marvin Harrison Jr. spurned the entire circus that ensues before the NFL Draft where prospects are racing around, training for Combine and pro day workouts, frantically interviewing with teams, and all that cacophonous jazz. The son of a Hall of Fame wide receiver has instead opted to train to play football, rather than for the Underwear Olympics.

Frankly, I think it’s a little bit of weird energy. Then again, Harrison is a prohibitive favorite to be the first non-quarterback drafted on Thursday night. Time will tell if he, Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze or some other unexpected playmaker emerges as the true WR1 in the 2024 class. As things stand right now, Harrison is expected to have the best career.

If fashion statements were correlated with how good a draft pick would be, well, MHJ would have a bust being mocked up in Canton right about now thanks to the chain he rocked in Detroit.

A little Lion King reference here, with Marv Sr. representing Mufasa and the junior Harrison seeing himself as the Simba successor to the family tradition of NFL excellence.

Arizona Cardinals fans are getting hyped about Harrison’s social media activity, anticipating that he’ll go to the desert at No. 4 overall.

Given how much Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort wheeled and dealt in last year’s first round, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a king’s ransom for some QB-needy team trying to jump up. In fact, I predicted as much in my final mock draft that just went up this morning.

That projection was more intended to be entertaining than anything else.

I don’t think Arizona could go wrong with trading down, picking Harrison, or for that matter, taking my WR1 Nabers at No. 4. This roster has so many holes, and acquiring picks 11 and 23 from Minnesota to go with the 27th and 35th selections they already have means the Cardinals could really build out their depth.

My guess? Ossenfort stands pat this time around, and takes Harrison. It’s the safe pick. The closest player comp I can think of to Harrison is a beloved ex-Bengal, Adriel Jeremiah Green. Ya know, AJ Green. His full name is just so cool, it’s impossible not to type out whenever the opportunity arises.

If Harrison is indeed Arizona’s pick at No. 4, they really need a pass-rusher and cornerback somewhere in that top 35. We shall see how the cookie crumbles. Almost time for the draft to actually kick off!

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