The Bills Got Cooked For Gift-Wrapping Speedy WR Xavier Worthy To Patrick Mahomes & The Chiefs On Draft Night

Xavin Worhty

The last time the Buffalo Bills made a draft day trade with the Kansas City Chiefs, the return on KC’s side was Patrick Mahomes. He’s pretty good. I wouldn’t tempt fate again, were I Buffalo, and trade with the reigning back-to-back Super Bowl champs.

Never mind the fact that the Chiefs are needy at the same, valuable wide receiver position, and the Bills just traded away their WR1 Stefon Diggs, and lost their WR2 Gabe Davis in free agency.

Rather than sticking and picking, Buffalo moved back from the 28th pick to the 32nd spot, only to see Kansas City draft Texas wideout Xavier Worthy. You know, the dude who ran the fastest 40-yard dash in Combine history at 4.21 seconds.


Maybe it’s just me, but maybe it’s also a stupid f*****g idea to hand a plutonium-grade explosive playmaker like Worthy over to the dynastic Chiefs! Especially when the Bills’ current top receiver is, um, Curtis Samuel?

To drive the stake further into their fan base’s already-broken hearts, Buffalo’s front office decided to forgo the chance to get a fifth-year option on their would-be first-rounder. They moved back one spot with the Panthers, who selected South Carolina wide receiver Xavier Legette.

I guess it’s cool that the Bills gained some ground on certain picks for this year. They’ll kick off Day 2 of the draft being viewed as one of the biggest losers, however. That’s not just my opinion. That’s the consensus around NFL Twitter as well.

What was Buffalo thinking? I can only speculate. Sure doesn’t strike me as a, “We want to win the Super Bowl this year!” type of draft strategy. Since they have Josh Allen at quarterback, the Bills always have a chance. I’ll never count them out as long as Allen is healthy. That said, losing Diggs and Davis, then backing out of the first round of the draft? Not a good look any way you slice it, especially when the rest of the AFC is eagerly building arms and trying to chase down Kansas City!

I’m baffled. I’m shook. I’m not angry, as a Bengals fan, who could stand for the Bills to take a step back or two in 2024. It’s just a bummer for that city and their fans. Bills Mafia must be crestfallen.

Think this is telling at all? When an exec in the conference is immediately, openly wondering what the hell you’re doing?

You can tell from the little highlight reel toward the beginning of this article that Worthy’s literal world-class speed isn’t for show. You see it on the field. But just in case you want a raw visual of the Chiefs’ new Tyreek Hill-esque weapon, I’ll play you out with it. Sorry again, Buffalo. The champs just punked you.

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