The Bears Cleverly Teased That They Were Drafting Caleb Williams In The Hour Before He Was Officially Picked

Bears Caleb

Cheekily done, Chicago Bears X/Twitter admin.

Everyone knew the Bears were drafting USC quarterback Caleb Williams No. 1 overall before Thursday’s NFL Draft officially opened. Roger Goodell and the league office doesn’t love it when things are this way. Yes, a potential superstar QB is entering the league, and that’s cool. However, the more suspense, the better. Why do you think it takes hours to announce 32 picks? Why do you think they still give the Bears 10 minutes to make their pick, even though they’ve had their minds made up for months?

So anyway, the Bears did a cool thing and kind of retroactively let us know that they were teasing Williams as the pick in the hour leading up to the draft. I’ll save you the suspense and just show it to you because, well, that’s sort of apropos for how self-evident it was that Williams was headed to the Windy City.

I’m a big acrostic fan. Actually scored a prom date in high school with an acrostic poem that spelled out the magic question. The date itself ended in disaster, but hey, ya can’t win ’em all. Was just cutting my writing chops. Turned out to be a win in the end. If only because I can now appreciate what this Bears tweeter did to clue everyone in who was really paying attention.

OK nobody was probably paying attention, because Williams to Chicago was a foregone conclusion. I appreciate the social team’s effort to low-key drop the scoop on Williams before Goodell was ready for them to.

I will say, scooping picks before they’re announced kind of sucks in most cases. Woj didn’t make it much better when he used passive-aggressive language to still break picks early during the NBA Draft. To y’all NFL insiders, take notes here. Give us a scavenger hunt. Don’t even report on rumors that just turn out to be rubbish smokescreens in the end. Tweet in riddles. Speak on TV in the vaguest, most abstract of terms.

How cool is this for the Bears, though? Caleb Williams! My goodness. He’s my favorite all-around QB prospect since Joe Burrow, is No. 1 on the ol’ top 100 big board, and is going to transform that organization and finally give them a viable franchise QB. That’ll be necessary in an NFC North division with Jordan Love in Green Bay and Jared Goff in Detroit, plus whomever the Vikings’ new field general is going forward. Enjoy, Chicago. I think you got a great one.

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