Man Pulls A Whole Chicken Out Of Reticulated Python’s Mouth

Python eats chicken
José Gongo Morales

I almost feel bad for the snake… all that work for nothing. They just took his meal right out of his mouth, literally.

Reticulated pythons are some of the most known snakes in the world. They can grow massive, reaching 30 feet long on over 300 pounds at most. They are predators that typically live deep in the jungle, hunting anything they can from birds and mammals to reptiles. They are ambush predators, relying on their stealth to get a meal. They wait until the perfect moment and in flash they are on their prey, wrapping themselves around them as tight as they can until they have their meal.

They can eat just about anything, and they eat everything whole. They have an impressive mouth that can stretch out far more than it seems. Their teeth keep their prey moving inwards as they stretch their jaws around whatever it is they are eating. Often times you can even see their prey inside them as they digest it.

These folks caught one in the act, as they show a python with just chicken feet stuck out of its mouth and a big lump inside of it. They play with the chicken, and eventually take the whole thing right out of the massive snake’s mouth.


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