Alligator Struts Across Tee Box, Halts Play At Zurich Classic In Louisiana

gator zurich

Well, that’s not something you see everyday.

Okay, the people of Louisiana might see it everyday, but most Americans don’t typically have their round of golf interrupted due to a modern day dinosaur walking across the course.

Louisiana is home to over 2 million alligators and while many are tucked away in the vast swamp land that covers most of the state, there’s more than a few living in golf course water hazards.

We’ve seen more than a few alligators pop up on Florida golf courses and who can forget the crazy video of one in North Carolina eating a massive carp, but this latest sighting happened at a PGA Tour event just today.

The groups of Bronson Burgoon and Jhonattan Vegas, along with Paul Barjon and Samuel Stevens, were trying to tee off on the 17th hole during Thursday’s round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans when a friendly, but fearsome, creature decided to see what all the commotion was about.

A smaller alligator, probably 5 or 6 feet, strutted right through the tee box, which forced a timeout to be called until he moved himself along.

As you can hear from the commentary team, it’s not the first time alligators have been spotted on TPC of Louisiana, located in Avondale.

Tripod (no, not the three legged bear from Florida) was a fan favorite due to him having only three legs, but another gator with a missing front limb was spotted not that long ago, which honestly adds a bit of fun to an otherwise typical PGA event.

Despite the hold up, both groups pared the hole and the rest of the tournament is going off without a hitch, but you never can tell when one of these maneaters is going to show their face again.

And isn’t that just a lot of fun? I think it’s a lot of fun…

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