Hank Williams Jr. Talks About His “Rowdy Friends” Porter Wagoner & Grandpa Jones In Rare Interview Footage

Hank Williams Jr. Porter Wagoner

We all know the iconic song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” by Hank Williams Jr.

And if you don’t…bless your heart.

While the song talks about having a killer party and inviting all of your rowdy friends over, Hank William Jr. once gave an interview discussing who his rowdy friends were.

It is very well known that Bocephus loved having a good time and causing a scene here and there. But I was shocked to learn that two of his rowdy friends were Grandpa Jones, an old-time banjo player, and Porter Wagoner.

The interviewer asks both musicians what they did to become one of Bocephus’ ‘rowdy’ friends.

Talking about Grandpa Jones, Hank said:

“Don’t let him fool you; he’s got a temper. 

Your doggone right. I’ve seen him demolish a motorhome one time.

And he destroyed a banjo one night in Salt Lake City.” 

Apparently that was news to Grandpa Jones:

“Did I?” 

The seemingly docile older gentleman clearly knows how to have some fun with Bocephus. Next up, Porter Wagoner.

The king of Nudie suits gives off a very clean-cut image with his TV host persona. However, Wagoner also lets it slip that he lets his wild side show when he and Williams are out together:

“Hank and I have a lot of fun together. We went on a trip one time to Alabama, and they said we had a great time…I guess we did.”

While the answers are vague at best, I can only imagine the stories that were told off-camera.

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