“You Think Takin’ That Valium Is Any Worse Than Me Drinkin’ This Wine? — Dolly Parton’s Mom Did NOT Like To Fly

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A girl after my own heart.

A few years back, Dolly Parton stopped by Kix TV to chat with Kix Brooks (of Brooks & Dunn, obviously), where she told a really funny story about her late mom, Avie Lee.

It was when her mom was a little bit older, and they were traveling to LA for a work trip that Dolly wanted her mom to tag along for. It was the first time Avie had flown, and Dolly admittedly hates flying, so needless to say, they were both a little nervous.

Dolly told Kix she always had a little wine on the plane to help calm her nerves, as many of us do:

“We were on a trip one time, and I brought mama out to LA, she was older then and the kids were all gone and I was on a plane with her. It got real bumpy, neither of us, she hadn’t flown and I don’t like to fly.

So I’d always drink some of the wine on the plane… the worst. I always call it Summers Eve, just vinegar and water. Summers Eve wine. So I was drinking wine, my mama said, ‘I don’t like you drinkin’. I said, ‘Well mama, it’s just a little wine, I get nervous.'”

Her mom wasn’t having it, saying:

“I said I don’t like my youngins drinkin’.”

And seeing as Dolly was raised in a very religious family (her grandaddy was a Pentecostal preacher), she had to pull out one of the most famous Bible stories about the first miracle Jesus performed:

“I said ‘Mama, wasn’t the first miracle Jesus ever performed turn water into wine.?’ She said, ‘Yes, but that’s ‘cuz the water wasn’t fit to drink.’

‘I said, well why didn’t he just purify the water?’ And she said, ‘You’re bein’ sacrilegious now!’ So then the plane started rocking, so I heard something rattling in mama’s pocket book and I thought, what is she doing?”

Checkmate. That’ll get them every time… oldest trick in the oldest book, honestly.

And her mom actually pulled out a little pill bottle full of Valium, which she proceeded to take with the aforementioned wine. Dolly just had to point out the obvious hypocrisy (and humor) of the situation:

“So she pulls out a little pill bottle and I said, ‘What are you takin’ mama?’ She said, ‘I’m takin’ a Valium.’ And I said, ‘Well, do you think taking that is any worse than me drinkin’ this wine?’

She said, ‘Will you just shut up and give me that wine?’ And she took her Valium with the wine.”


Do yourself a favor and watch Dolly tell the story below. She even cracks up pretty good herself retelling it and it’s pretty dang funny:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock