Remember When The NFL Draft Ruined A Bunch Of Bachelorette Parties In Nashville?

NFL Draft bachelorettes
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It’s that time of year again:  The NFL Draft officially gets underway tonight.

For football fans, it’s one of the biggest events in sports between the Super Bowl and the kickoff of the new season.

But for a bunch of bachelorettes who found themselves in Nashville at the same time as the 2019 Draft?

Well it was “like… the worst.”

It seems a bunch of bachelorette parties made plans to be in Nashville (because where else do people go for their bachelorette parties these days?) and didn’t realize that the NFL Draft was going on at the exact same time.

That meant that instead of spending their days bar-hopping on Broadway and taking pedal taverns around the city, these brides-to-be got to spend their bachelorette parties surrounded by almost 300,000 NFL football fans.

Some of the bachelorettes took it in stride… I mean, it was one big party after all, right?

But others, well… not so much. One bachelorette even claimed that her husband would be the one to pay for their lack of planning and wouldn’t be allowed to watch football in the fall.

“It just changes, like, the crowd, like, what you’re here for, like, I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of football guys.”

Maybe a little dramatic, but who am I to judge?

The whole country got a good laugh at the expense of these bachelorette parties. And the past four years when the anniversary of this iconic moment has come up, the picture of the stone-faced bachelorettes steaming about the NFL Draft ruining their party still makes its rounds on social media here in Nashville, a small victory for everybody who lives and works in Music City and is sick of having to dodge bachelorettes in matching t-shirts and penis gear.

This year’s draft is being held in Kansas City, Missouri, which isn’t exactly a hotspot for bachelorette parties, so it looks like everybody’s safe from having their weekend ruined.

But at least we still have this gem from 2019 to look back on to give us all a good laugh once again.

Oh, and as for the bachelorette who said her husband wouldn’t be allowed to watch football anymore?

Sounds like everything turned out ok for him after all.

“He did get to watch football, so there’s like a happy ending. I came to my senses. Of course he can watch football. I’m not a dictator.”

Gotta love it.

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