Who Is J.J. McCarthy’s Fiancée? Meet Katya Kuropas

Katya JJ McCarthy

The NFL Draft is always a great moment to shine a spotlight on young football players with dreams of playing professional football.

Naturally, the event creates stars, though the most attention usually goes to the future NFL player’s girlfriends and fiancées. If you are searching for an example, look no further than last year’s draft when Will Levis’ significant other Gia Duddy stole the show (they broke up) as the Kentucky QB fell to the second round (probably because he puts mayonnaise in his coffee).

As for this year’s NFL Draft, there should be a lot of eyes on former Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. Thus, if his fiancée Katy Kuropas is by his side, she’ll get a lot of screen time as well. It appears that she’s ready to close the door on her and J.J.’s time in college, since she posted this message to her 128 thousand followers on Instagram just yesterday:

“Extremely delayed but… Reminiscing on how amazing this past season was. An abundance of blessings and the best memories. Feeling so grateful for everything that unfolded & for everyone that was part of it! Sad to see this chapter go, but excited for the next one.”

Of course, Katya went viral (well, sorta) during the Fiesta Bowl in 2022, when it appeared as though J.J.’s dad was trying to touch her backside during a TD celebration.

Oh, the internet…

Anyways, Katy and J.J. are high school sweethearts, and they just got engaged back in January of this year. McCarthy must have used some of his NIL money (I’m sure winning the National Championship didn’t hurt) to buy Katy a big ol’ diamond ring, and popped the big question at the beach.

They had been dating for over five years before they got engaged, and McCarthy must have had a great start to 2024, because just two weeks before he gave away a ring to Katy, he earned one after leading Michigan to a national title.

So now the couple will pull up their Michigan roots and move wherever J.J. McCarthy is drafted. He’s became one of the best QB prospects during the offseason, and that was only helped by his recent success as a Wolverine (as well as a couple of plugs from his former coach Jim Harbaugh).

From the looks of it, J.J. and Katy had some great times at Michigan, and the good times are sure to roll on if McCarthy ends up in the right spot and has success at the NFL level. If he doesn’t, at least he’s got someone that will be on his team no matter what.

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