“We Start Shooting Very Soon” — Luke Grimes Says They’re About To Begin Production On Second Half Of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

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Straight from the mouth of Kayce Dutton himself.

Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes, AKA Kayce Dutton, has captured the hearts of fans across the country (especially the ladies for obvious reasons), and for quite some time now, we’ve all been wondering if and when the hit show would return.

Between rumored disagreements between creator Taylor Sheridan and leading man Kevin Costner and other production delays after the first half of Season 5 aired in November of 2022, fans are ready to see how it will all end.

And last week, I had some time to speak with Grimes as he just launched a new partnership with Carhartt, that features a five-minute short film called “Setting the Stage.” Through it, he shares the untold story of how his experience working in the skilled trades helped create a legacy within the TV, film and now music industries.

So of course, I had to get the tea on all things Yellowstone, and he told me that the show is about to start shooting “very soon.” Luke added that the final season has already been written and he should be getting the scripts any day now:

“I can tell you that it’s definitely coming back and that we start shooting very soon, which is exciting.

The final season is written, and I should be getting scripts very soon. And so yeah, it’s definitely coming back.”

And possibly the most talked about rumor among fans centers on whether or not Costner, after pulling out of the show, is coming back at all. He previously noted that he’d potentially like to return, though Grimes played it coy in terms of confirming or denying that his TV dad is returning to finish out the show:

“I’m sure they would kill me if I told you anything else.”

Hey, I tried, but he didn’t outright say no… so we’ll see. I’m not sure that really means anything at all, but the good news for all of us Yellowstone fans is that we will at least get to see how the show ends and get some sort of closure.

In addition to his schedule with acting, Luke is slated to play Stagecoach this weekend and perform songs from his recently-released self-titled album.

You can watch the short film below.

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