Billy Strings Pulls Out A Guitar & Covers “Fishin’ Blues” While Waiting For Bass To Bite

Billy Strings
Billy Strings

Billy Strings laying down a fishin’ tune while trying to tie one on.

Mr. Strings is adding a notch to his belt: avid fisherman. Of course, he is still putting a Billy Strings bluegrass twist on his boat time, bringing out a guitar and throwing down a cover of the classic bluegrass track “Fishin’ Blues”

“Fishin’ Blues” was originally recorded by Henry Thomas in 1928, but was made most famous in 1969 when Taj Mahal released his version on his album Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home.

The original folk song has seen many adaptations over the years. And Strings posted a video of him casting out a line, reeling in a few times before sitting down on the fishing boat and picking up his guitar to strum a version of the ditty that most similarly resembles The Lovin’ Spoonfuls version from 1965.

To be honest, for the first few seconds of this video, I thought I was going to write an article for our Riff Outdoors section with the headline resembling “Billy Strings Lands Hog Of A Largemouth Bass.” While the video did not lead to the country music and outdoor crossover I was hoping for, this pickin’ goodness is something I’m more than happy to settle for.

“I bet your life, your lovin’wife.
Can catch more fish than you.
Any fish bite if you’ve got good bait.
Here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate.
Any fish bite, you’ve got good bait.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’,
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too…”

Talk about a great little jam to get you in the mood for warming weather and casting out a line.

This comment is exactly the kind of content I want to see from Strings in the future:

“Billy you doing any guide trips?”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock