Deer Stomps The Hell Out Of Red-Tailed Hawk Attacking A Rabbit… Saves Its Life

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

And sometimes, when you’re a rabbit stuck in the talons of a red-tailed hawk, about to have your face ripped to pieces… your idea of a hero is a… deer?

For this rabbit in Wisconsin, that was the case.

“Kris Miller was trimming trees around Nordic Mountain country park, Wisconsin, USA, earlier this month when he spotted a red tailed hawk dead on the ground.

After checking CCTV from June 11, the 29-year-old operations manager was ‘astonished’ when he saw the bird of prey swoop down on an unsuspecting rabbit below.”

I mean, seeing a hawk swoop down on rabbit is a pretty cool nature experience in its own right, but what happened next nobody couldn’t predicted.

A young deer came rushing into the scene, and stomped the HELL our of the hawk. The rabbit was able to scurry away, and the hawk? Well, he didn’t make it…

That’s right people, the damn deer stomped him to death.

The circle of life.

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