Colorado Man Ducks Behind A Tree Seconds Before Getting Stomped By Charging Bull Moose

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Zero to one hundred… real quick.

In my mind, a moose looks like damn dinosaur, and if you’ve ever seen a bull moose up close, you know what absolute freaks these animals are.

Big, massive horse-looking things with huge plates of spikes on their heads. I mean, there’s a handful of animals you don’t want to be in an open field with, and a big bull moose is one of them.

And if you get to close, they might just try and run you down.

A Colorado hiker recently learned that… the hard way.

While hiking in Clear Creek County, a Colorado man stumbled upon this big ol’ bull grazing behind a tree, when out of nowhere, the bull just turned and made a dash straight for our cameraman.

Luckily, he was able to duck behind a tree, and the moose rammed the tree and not his head, but it could’ve been a bad, bad situation.

Thanks to conservation efforts in Colorado, the moose population is steadily increasing, but that means encounters with people are increasing as well.

In the past few years, moose attacks have been on the rise, and as much as you want that video for the ‘Gram, you gotta respect the fact that the moose can stomp your ass in a heartbeat.

Always keep a safe distance, and look for signs that the moose may feel threatened or is being aggressive. The video below has some tips for how to stay safe in moose country.

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