Willie Nelson Once Smoked A Joint On The Roof Of The White House With President Carter’s Son

Wally McNamee/ Getty Images

The legend that is Willie Nelson continues on.

A new documentary coming out titled Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President Chronicles former President Carter’s love of music, and his friendship with artists like Bob Dylan, Bono, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett, among others. And it also features his Willie Nelson, who Carter called “one of his best friends.”

“Bob Dylan has been one of my best friends, along with Willie Nelson.”

The trailer was just released and it also revealed confirmation of another badass piece of Willie Nelson history… the time he smoked weed on the White House roof.

Willie first revealed that he smoked at the White House back in his 1988 autobiography. He was let on the roof by an anonymous servant at the White House, describing it as being up there with “a beer in one hand and a fat Austin Torpedo in the other.” Years later, in 2015, Willie confirmed that it was indeed President Carter’s son Chip.

However in the new documentary, Jimmy Carter acknowledges it himself, almost as if he knew all along.

“When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography he confessed that he smoked pot in the White House and he says that his companion was one of the servants at the White House… actually it was one of my sons.”

Even at 87 years old, the GOAT-ness of Willie Nelson continues to grow.

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President hits theaters and virtual cinema on September 9th.

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