Cody Johnson Delivers Knockout Cover Of The Garth Brooks Hit, “Shameless”


Many country fans know this tune thanks to Garth Brooks, but it was originally written and recorded by Billy Joel for his 1989 Storm Front record.

When Garth recorded it in 1991, it went on to become Garth’s 7th career #1 hit.

Last night, Cody Johnson gave his fans another incredible live-stream performance, spanning songs across his entire discography with of course, a few covers sprinkled in there.

And one of those covers, for the first time ever, the Garth Brooks hit, “Shameless.”

“I promise you half of this crowd, too many Coronas (no pun intended) you’ve sang this karaoke. I’ve always wanted to yell this title at the top of my lungs… but if I mess this up, this is Facebook live, don’t act like you paid $50 bucks to come see this… I’m scared to death right now.”

And don’t worry… he crushed it.

(Starting at the 1 hour, 3 minute mark)

And while we’re at it, how about Garth and Billy Joel from Shea Stadium.

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