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Dustin Lynch Announces New Album ‘Tullahoma’ – Launches ‘Stay Country Tour’ With Travis Denning

Throughout his career, Dustin Lynch has always seemed to have an identity crisis.

His debut single “Cowboys & Angles” drew comparisons to a young George Strait, but his most recent EP left A LOT to be desired. And, there’s been a lot of ups and downs everywhere in between. However, with his upcoming 4th studio album, Tullahoma, he just might be getting back to his country roots.

“It’s all about me and growing up in my hometown. Every song on this album points to something that happened to me or my close friends and family, and that’s really cool. I’m very proud of where I’m from, and proud of this record because it will hopefully make my hometown a little more famous than it already is.”

The new album will feature the 3 songs from his Ridin’ Roads EP, and his most recent #1 single “Good Girl,” so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath, but his new perspective, if nothing else, is at least encouraging.

“It’s figuring out what I enjoy about life the most – outside of music. The kind of stuff my mom and dad, my family and my friends back home did growing up. Outdoors stuff like hunting and fishing, hanging out in the backyard around a bonfire, just connecting. I long to be that kid again, and I think we all do. You get to a certain point in life and start reflecting on why you’re where you’re at … and I’ve just figured out that’s what makes me tick. That’s why I work hard.”

Dustin will kicking off the new year with a string shows (the Stay Country Tour) in support of the new album and he’ll be taking Travis Denning along for the ride.

Tullahoma is set to hit shelves on January 17th.

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