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Girl Shows Up In Another Man’s Car, Boyfriend Buries It With His Tractor

Trouble in paradise?

According to an Okaloosa County police report, 20-year-old Hunter Mills, who was operating a front-end loader, dumped an entire bucket full of dirt on his girlfriend (presumably ex-girlfriend now) after she showed up in a 2010 Cadillac belonging to another man.

When she arrived to their meeting place (ironically located on Phil Dirt Road) he asked her whose car she was driving and when she wouldn’t answer, he buried her car with dirt… while she was INSIDE. According to the report, the windows were open, so although she wasn’t injured, dirt filled into the center console, air vents, and power windows.

Mills was charged with felony criminal mischief today (felony) over $1,000.

Classic rom-com material.

Guy loves girl, girl shows up in another guy’s Cadillac, guy dumps a thousand pounds of dirt on said Cadillac, guy goes to jail but learns a very valuable lesson about managing his anger and the price of damaging personal property. Role credits.

By the way, how is there not a show called Florida Man? Just picture America’s funniest home videos, but just crazy stories from the Sunshine State’s finest. God knows they have enough content, Bob Saget could host it, it would be great.

Somebody make it happen.

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