Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend In The Face After He Got Her Kicked Out Of A Bryan Adams Concert

Not gonna lie, you get me kicked out of an Eric Church concert, I’d want to stab you too.

According to Global News, a 34-year-old woman was convicted of of common assault, assault with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer and possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes after she stabbed her boyfriend in the face for getting them kicked out of a Bryan Adams concert over the summer.

Apparently, the couple got into an altercation with another fan which prompted her boyfriend to take the man’s phone and throw it. Security removed both of them from the venue and they fought all the way home.

“I kept saying, like, he ruined it, it’s all his fault and he should’ve just kept his hands to himself, none of it would have happened,” she testified in provincial court. “I was cursing a little bit. I was pretty angry about the situation.”

However, eventually, the domestic altercation turned physical when he pushed her to the ground.

“It was one of those knives I use to peel potatoes. I decided to pick it up, I guess, to put a bit of fear because at this point I really wanted him out of my house and nothing seemed to be working. So when I picked it up my thought was basically maybe he’ll get scared and leave,” she said.

The struggle over the knife led to both of them getting cut, including the boyfriend’s face.

I mean… as a guy that goes to a lot of concerts, as many of you do, we know that concerts can be a chaotic place. People jockeying for position, people can’t see, people are drunk and stupid… anything can happen. But no matter what, rule #1 is never do anything that would get you kicked out.

I’m sure as hell not stabbing anybody over a Bryan Adams concert, but if my lady gets out of control and gets us kicked out of the Eric Church concert, or one I’ve been waiting for all year, you can better believe that she’s going to hear about it when we get home. Stabbing someone in the face? A little overboard, but I get the rage.

How about Bryan Adams though? Guy is pushing 60 and people are literally stabbing each other over the fact that they didn’t get to see the rest of his concert. If that’s not rockstar goals, then I don’t know what it.

Cue the “Cuts Like A Knife”… way too appropriate for this moment.

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