Popeyes “Emotional Support Chicken” Will Make Flying Home For The Holidays A Breeze

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Traveling sucks…

Sitting on the beach is great, going home for the holidays is great (maybe), but going to the airport, dealing with TSA, sitting next to someone’s screaming kids, their shitty in-flight movie… all of that sucks.

Thankfully, Popeyes is coming to the recuse with their new “Emotional Support Chicken.”

I’m not a fan of emotional support animals. I know a lot of people have them, but the idea of trying to bring a puppy or a hamster or a peacock (seriously these emotional support pets are getting out of control) to an airport with me would give me even MORE anxiety. Going through security is such a fucking headache as it is and now you want me to try and do that with a 8-month old golden retriever? No way, not happening.

An emotional support chicken though? That’s something I can get behind. Thank you Popeyes.

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