Kip Moore’s “Part Of Growing Up” Illustrates The Bittersweet Reality Of Life

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The last song on Kip Moore’s recent acoustic project Room To Spare: The Acoustic Sessions is one that will leave a mark on you. Why? Because it’s a story about life.

The first two verses of “Part Of Growing Up” show the different phases we go through early on in life, from being young and naïve, to our adolescent and adventurous high school and college years.

“I used to crave ice cold Coke in the summertime…
But these days I’d rather drink a beer and catch a buzz”

”Boy, that thrill with a bunch of friends and a bunch of bikes…
Turned into chasing pretty girls in a pickup truck”

The middle verse transitions into the joy (and the pain) of a first love, one that almost always ends.

“Jessica was my first kiss and that was enough, until we started makin’ love
I don’t really remember why it ended, but it cut, the painful part of growin’ up

The last verse reminds us all that even with age, we will forever be young in our minds… always thinking back to those great times when we were younger, and yearning to go back and re-live the glory days.

“My face is showing some years, my body’s feeling rust
But in my mind, I’m still young
I guess until I’m pushing up daisies, I’ll be pushing my luck
And I’ll always be growing up”

And ultimately the chorus brings the whole song and story together.

“Some doors have opened, more have shut
And I’ve had some dreams that turned to dust
Yeah, life has hit me just because it can with heavy hands
But that’s all part of growin’ up”

Life’s tough.

We all have our ups and downs, our hard times and good times, but that’s life. When we get knocked down, we learn from our mistakes and get back up because in the end it’s all just “part of growing up.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock