Randy Houser Releases Trailer To Upcoming ‘Magnolia’ Feature Film

We’re absolutely jacked about this new Randy Houser record.

But, I have to admit, I’m also pretty jacked about the film that’s being released in conjunction with album. It’s such a unique and artistic way to release an album in a time when the standard formula (lead single, few promo singles, release album, repeat) is what everybody does in country music.

Magnolia follows two characters (Ana and Noah) in the midst of an intense relationship, marred by their personal lives. Centered around a small group of oil rig workers, the visual representation of the album mirrors the blue-collar sentiments of Houser’s Magnolia album.

“Magnolia tells my story but also tells the story of running away from something while not knowing exactly what you’re running to,” said Houser. “As I got into the groove of creating this album, the story became so vivid in my mind that I realized it had to live through more than just a body of music and become a film. That’s exactly what we created… a film about running towards your truth.”

Check out the new trailer.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock