Smirnoff’s Vodka-Filled Ornaments Are Just What Your Christmas Tree Needs This Year

Smirnoff is selling limited-edition, vodka-filled ornament bottles for the Holiday season and I NEED it.

The festive bottles, decorated to look like big ornaments, are filled with Smirnoff’s No. 21 vodka. It doubles as both a decoration, and vodka bottle. GENIUS.

One downside though, is these bottles are most likely too heavy to actually hang on the tree. No worries though, if you’re determined to decorate your tree with booze-filled ornaments, Smirnoff has another option for you.

“Festive Boozeballs” are essentially ornaments that can hold up to 50 ml of alcohol sturdy on the tree. The big challenge though will be to see how long you can keep the boozey ornaments actually filled with booze.

The alcohol in the ornament doesn’t stand a chance at lasting through Christmas at my family’s house. But, we do like a good challenge. Bring on the Smirnoff.