Man Falls Through Ceiling Of Alabama Waffle House, Immediately Starts Fighting Everybody

So many question… where to even begin?

According to video obtained by a Waffle House employee, a man appears to have been living in the ceiling of the Tuscumbia, Alabama, location when the drop-ceiling gave way and he went falling into a booth.  If that wasn’t already the absolute weirdest day of work any of these people will ever see, the guy immediately became combative when employees had a few reasonable questions. Fair questions like, “what the fuck are you doing my ceiling dude?” And, “hey, maybe don’t go nowhere until we figure some things out.”

When they man became violent, even picking up a chair, Waffle House employees made the call to let him go, rather than continue to fight him and risk injury to a themselves or customers.

Waffle House isn’t for the faint of heart. Between shit-faced customers at 2am and people falling out of ceilings, you always have to be on your toes there. And, smart move letting the man go. Any guy that’s willing to crawl up in the Waffle House ceiling is going to be more than willing to do a lot of other things, a lot of dangerous things.

“Oh you mean the guy that was hiding in your ceiling was a bad guy?”

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. I know everybody wants to be the hero, but you have to pick your battles, and this time, it’s just better to let him go and live to fight another day.

Oh, and meth. Something about this just screams meth. Just saying.

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