Morgan Wallen: Big Mullet Energy

“With great mullet, comes great responsibility.”

Big. Mullet. Energy.

Or, BME for short, but what is it?

Well, similar to Kanye West’s Dragon Energy or Pete Davidson’s Big Dick Energy, we’re not talking about mere physical attributes here. We’re talking about a confidence, an aura, that x-factor that can be unleashed when you’re rocking a kickass mullet. Sure, it’s easy to have all the swagger in the world when you have a mullet, but don’t mistake BME for cockiness. It’s very different. It’s not just walking into a room with the best head of hair known to man, in fact sometimes, it’s quite the opposite.

Take Alan Jackson for example…

Average mullet at best. Mostly kept it under a hat, party in the back was in full force, but there definitely wasn’t much business up front. 4 out of 10 mullet. BME? Absolutely.

Billy Ray Cyrus?

As one of the founding fathers of BME, Billy Ray had a 10 out of 10 mullet AND oozed BME to go with it. BME, BDE and DE, he had it all…

Toby Keith?

Fantastic mullet. Hall of fame mullet… Zero BME.

You see, BME can’t be defined simply by how badass your mullet is and why should it? No, BME requires you look deep inside at a man that has harnessed an inner greatness birthed out of something that you can’t easily point to, but you know it when you see it. Is BME a lifestyle? Absolutely. Can just anyone have it? Unfortunately not. Is it something you’re born with? Not necessarily.

Are you still extremely confused? Perhaps this will clear things up.

Ladies and gentleman… THIS is modern day, big mullet energy.

2018 First Team All-BME: Morgan Wallen

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