The Cadillac Three Release Best Record Yet, Prepare For The Ryman And Crazy Tour Schedule

These are some of the hardest working guys in Nashville.

A year after their last record Bury Me In My Boots, The Cadillac Three have released their next record titled Legacy. It’s a no-frills-all-thrills record filled with hit songs that will leave a lasting impression and lasting legacy. It takes a lot for me to be able to listen to a record all the way through and even more to listen to it all the way through on repeat. The standouts for me include “Demolition Man”, “Cadillacin”, “Tennessee” and the title track “Legacy”. To fully appreciate “Cadillacin” and “Tennessee” you’ll have to see the three piece live and you’ll be head banging along with the guys as those songs release your inner rockstar.

The writing on this record is second to none, showing the growth as artists the guys have gone through. A lot of life changes helped shape this album such as marriages and kids and while there is a mature sound about it, TC3 still gave their fans a sound and songs that stay true to who they are as a band.

I’ve seen their show once or twice with the the new songs added in and it’s a top speed show from start to finish. For someone who hasn’t seen this show they might question or be curious as to how just three guys on stage, two seated at the drums and lap steel bass, keep the crowd completely engaged. Well trust me, they do. As soon as the intro plays and the countdown to stage hits they come out boots stomping and put the crowd in a trance. Fans of The Cadillac Three are some of the most passionate fans I’ve ever seen and yell the lyrics and song requests out the entire show. Song requests because the guys don’t use setlists and play different variations of their show every time.

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The trio have been friends since high school and are Nashville natives. This week is a big one because they headline the Ryman Auditorium for the first time, a top goal, dream, and Bucket List item for most if not all musicians. They’ve just about sold the dang thing out in advance and it’s going to be an amazing night for them full of their friends, family, and industry folks. In addition to all of that they are also heading out with Dallas Smith for a Canadian tour run and then their own headlining overseas Long Hair Don’t Care tour with Brothers Osborne and Broken Witt Rebels this fall wrapping up the end of November. Supporting this band is the perfect example of fighting the good fight because supporting them is supporting the good guys. They’re exactly that. Pick up Legacy on iTunes here and get to a damn show. For more information about their tour dates head over to their website here.

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