9 Reasons The Girl Who Is Hard To Love Is Completely Worth It

The girls who are hard to get might also be a little hard to love but you better believe they are worth all the trouble.

Here are 9 reasons the girl who is hard to love is always worth it…

1. She keeps life interesting.

This girl is no plain Jane. You never know what to expect from her, so you will never be bored. She’ll keep you on your toes with her words and actions.

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2. She is captivating.

The first time you met her you were hooked. She didn’t open up too much right away but that’s what made her so intriguing. She’ll give you little bits and pieces as you keep getting to know each other. You won’t be able to get enough.

3. She never settles.

This girl knows her worth. She always guards her heart. If you take enough time to prove to her that she can trust you, she just might. You should feel so lucky to have this girl because she will never go with second best.

4. She has to build trust.

She probably won’t trust you right off the get-go. If she’s hard to love and a little stubborn it might have something to do with her past. She might have trust issues. Instead of letting that scare you, take it upon yourself and prove to her that you can be trusted. It’s hard for her to let down her guard.

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5. She still believes in chivalry.

As hard as it is to see sometimes these days she knows chivalry still exists. She’s just waiting for a guy to come along and prove that to her. She won’t settle for a half-assed relationship. She knows she’s worth more than a text that says, “Netflix and chill?”

6. She’s independent.

This girl is independent because she is so hard to love. The “hard to love” part about her has sent many guys running in the past. She’s totally okay with being by herself, but also, if the right guy comes along who loves her no matter what then she will let him in and love him fully.

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7. She’ll frustrate the hell out of you sometimes.

This girl is HARD to love. AKA you’re going to be really mad at her sometimes. This girl won’t sit around letting you get away with just anything. She’s going to challenge you. She won’t let you settle for a life of routine or disappointment. She will always be there to push and encourage you. When you’re mad at her, don’t give up on her. She’s worth it.

8. She wants you to love her for more than her looks.

She obviously wants you to find her physically attractive but she also wants you to love her for more than that. If you take the time to get to know her heart, you’ll love her even more. She appreciates you pursuing her for more than her physical features.

9. She’s hard to love but you better believe she’s even harder to forget.

You are wrapped around her finger. The day you met her, you knew you’d never be able to forget her. She left a mark on your soul that will be there forever.

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