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Ladies, Book Your Flights To Vegas: Channing Tatum Will Perform In “Magic Mike Live”

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If you’ve taken your eyes off the gif above long enough to read this far, congratulations: I’ve got some very, very exciting news for you.

Channing Tatum, you know the guy that all made us sweat in the Magic Mike phenomenon, is making a return to the stripper stage and this time, you can see it in REAL. LIFE.

The Live Las Vegas show that was a result of the movies insane popularity has taken off with the ladies. So much so, that they decided to extend it (no pun intended).

And the best part: according to an interview with People Magazine, the main attraction himself plans on making a few undisclosed cameo appearances.

A man and a woman

While we might not know exactly when he’ll pop up, Tatum described the show to the magazine saying it, “can be the right kind of dirty. It can be dirty if you want it to be dirty, or it can be just like a good time fun where you don’t feel like you need a shower afterward.”

That’s enough to get me to book my ticket.

To make things even better, he was quoted as saying the purpose of the show is to, “actually worship the women that are coming to the show and do something for them instead of just being like, it’s all about the dudes up there.”

You can worship me anytime, Mr. Tatum.

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