12 Life Lessons From Brett Eldredge’s New Self-Titled Album

The wait is over.

Brett Eldredge’s highly anticipated, self-titled album is finally here and it’s KILLER.  As always, a good beat just doesn’t cut it for me. I like to take a new record and give it an intensive listen through for what it’s actually trying to say. If you think the message behind the music doesn’t shape our culture these days, you’re a crazy person. Music matters and Brett Eldredge is saying something we all need to hear right now.

Here’s 12 life lessons from Brett’s inspiring new album, Brett Eldredge.

1. Love can change the way you look at everything.

“You put the cool in the breeze, You put the weak here in my knees, You put me right where I’m supposed to be.”

2. Eventually, everybody needs saving. Even you.

“That girl needs a superhero, Everybody needs a superhero, All the world needs a superhero.”

3. Genuine love runs deep. It wants to know everything.

“I want your red blushing stories, Your faults and your glories, That made you who you are right now, Take me the long way around.”

4. Drunk words are sober thoughts.

“Saying the reason I called you drunk, Is I need your love so bad, so bad it hurts, Baby, it’s worth saying the reason I stay messed up, Is I need your love so bad.”

5. Love is definitely something worth being good at, even if it’s the only thing.

“I can’t change the world, no I can’t change a flat, If you give me your heart, girl, well, you may never get it back.”

6. Don’t settle until you find “The One.” You already know what they’ll look like.

“I don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t know where you are, but I swear girl when I meet you, you already have my heart.”

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7. If you love something, set it free.

“There’s no stopping you, Cause your mind set to, Where your heart says go, Go on go girl go.”

8. Nobody will have your back like your brother. Keep it that way.

“I hope you know I’d take a bullet, Stand out on the front line, Oh, life is short, don’t you know it?, But everybody needs a partner in crime.”

9. It’s hard to let go of someone that has you “on the hook.” You almost like it.

“You’re a beautiful time waster, You’re a shake my world, a quaker, You’re the best heartbreaker I know.”

10. Nobody is an asshole on vacation. Keep that mindset everywhere you go.

“See it’s not about where you are, It’s where you go in your mind, So if we just pull together, if we just love each other, This life is beautiful.”

11. Just cut the cord. Going back and forth only makes things worse.

“Fall back in love for a while, We always go in cycles… We’re meant for each other, Till we ain’t made for each other.”

12. Go all in. It’s scary, but worth it.

“So why do I always try, To run away from you, Please don’t say a castaway, Is what I was born to do.”

Click here to download Brett Eldredge on iTunes.

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