Monday Motivation: “Peak Every Damn Day”

This week marks the beginning of August, and another Monday spent wanting to make the most of the summer, although its almost over. To get through this week and to make the last month of summer the best month yet, here is a quote to inspire thought and action.

“Don’t peak in high school, don’t peak in college, peak every damn day.”

For each person, this quote will touch you in different ways. Maybe it gives you flashbacks to those glory days in high school when you had no responsibilities and you become inspired to live more worry-free. Maybe this quote makes you think back to your college days when you would let loose on the weekends and it motivates you to call your old buddies or gals for a night out. Just maybe you are going through high school and college now, and it helps you realize that each day is a new opportunity to grow as a person and to make each day better than the last. Whatever these words do for you, remember that only you have the power to make yourself better.

Let us know in the comments what this quote means to you!

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock