If She Does These 12 Things, MARRY HER YESTERDAY

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What are the chances you actually find the kind of love you see in a rom-com?

I think the chances are pretty damn good if you’re patient, and wait for the right one. Well, how do you know if she is the right one? If a woman does these 12 things consistently, you might of just found “the one” – don’t fuck it up.

12. She’ll throw ’em back, and pig out with you.

Nothing worse than a girl eating a salad as you eat ribs. What you want is a girl willing to throw back some Jameson picklebacks, and get messy with some BBQ. Moments of indulgence are only fun when you both partake. Same page.

11. She supports your dream.

You have goals, you have a dream. You work your ass off for it and she’s there every step of the way to support you.

10. She makes you laugh.

It doesn’t matter the time or place, there’s always a reason for you two to start cracking up about something.

9. She puts up with things you love, that she may not.

Maybe she hates tailgating at a game, but she does for you. And because it’s you two there, you have a damn good time.

8. She’s willing to compromise.

So many fights start from stubbornness. When you both can find agreement life is great.

7. She tells you she loves you often.

You may think you don’t care, but you do as time goes on.

6. She’s thoughtful.

She listens to things you say and surprises you from time to time.

5. She sticks up for you.

It always feels good when you know your girl has your back, no matter what.

4. She’s adventurous.

Fishing trip, traveling across the globe, doesn’t matter. She’s up for it.

3. She wants to try new things with you.

Whether it’s a new hobby, new food, foreign land, she wants to experience it with you. Maybe even mixing it up in the bedroom…

2. There’s little drama.

Drama = no good.

1. You two can do nothing, and have the time of your life.

You can be sitting on a bench, people watching, and make it the most entertaining moment of your week. You can cook dinner, and laugh your asses off for 3 hours. The ability to have a very non-fancy date and love every second of it is crucial.

Find that.

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