5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Cody Jinks RIGHT NOW

If you haven’t heard Cody Jinks’s music, you are seriously missing out.

Here’s why you should run and put him on your playlist ASAP.

His voice is crazy good.

I don’t think it’s possible for Cody Jinks to sing a bad note. Add that to the fact that he has a deep, solid voice that is made for country music, and you have some insane talent. Hell, he could sing the McDonalds menu and make it sound like country gold.

His sound is a combo of country music’s best sounds.

Cody Jinks pulls in old school country elements like the steel guitar and adds a rock ‘n’ roll sound, creating an awesome combination of traditional and outlaw country. From acoustic ballads like “Rock & Roll,” to harder-hitting songs like “Loud and Heavy,” he creates a smooth transition between these two great areas of country music. It makes for even greater songs.

He’s in it for the music.

He says it himself, “I never asked for anyone to say they like my sound.” He truly does not give a shit whether his songs hit the top of the charts or if he has a million fans. Money and being trendy don’t matter to him one bit. It’s all about his love for playing music.

His lyrics never fail.

Lyrics of solid gold. Whether it’s story-telling songs like “Dirt,” or emotion-evoking tunes like “I’m Not the Devil”, this man has a way with words.

His beard.

If guys like Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson have proven anything, it’s that a kickass beard is proof of a great country artist, and Cody Jinks is definitely not an exception to that rule.

Just listen for yourself.


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