13 Things Only People Who Work Weekends Will Understand

Working weekends is not for the faint of heart. I’ve worked weekend jobs since I was able to, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now. I worked as a lifeguard on summer holidays and weekends, a coach who spent Fridays and Saturday’s traveling to tournaments, a bartender who watched other people get drunk while I tried to convince myself the water I was sipping on was vodka, a waitress making small talk with other’s about how fun of a day off they were having and most recently, as a member of the real estate world.

There are plenty of other weekend warriors out there. The doctors, the nurses, the police officers, the farmers, the event planners, I could go on. If you fall into this category, this list is for you. You’re not alone.

1. You suffer from extreme and regular cases of FOMO

You’re friends are all out together having the time of their lives while you simultaneously watch updates via every form of social media while at work.

2. None of your friends or family understand that you can’t just “take off work”

If you took off work every weekend something fun came up you wouldn’t have a job.

3. You shop at really weird times

I actually used to do my grocery shopping at 3 AM pretty regularly. It’s not that bad, the lines are always short. As in, I’m the only person using the self checkout area.

4. You spend way more time with your work friends then you do with your other friends

It’s nothing personal.

5. You don’t know what it’s like to have a normal sleep schedule

Lol. What even is that.

6. You celebrate your weekend on the weekdays

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are for working. That means your “weekends” fall on some random day in between.

7. Your days off are lonely

And are usually spend running errands or sitting in front of your computer. It’s hard to do anything social when everyone else is at work.

8. The pain of going to work with a hangover

You occasionally get sucked into going out when you know you shouldn’t and your protests of “I can’t drink a lot tonight, I have to work” are met with another round of tequila shots. Better hope you have a cool boss or a speedy hangover cure.

9. You never have any “weekend plans”

Oh ya know, just working.

10. You don’t understand what’s so bad about working “9-5”

Why do people refer to a 9-5 as a bad thing? Seriously? You have it freaking made.

11. You regularly have to miss family events

And it sucks. A lot.

12. You only celebrate a select few holidays

You have to pick and choose. Usually between Thanksgiving or Christmas, Memorial Day or the 4th, its a constant battle.

13. That feeling when your coworker comes through and takes your shift for you:

We gotta stick together, people.

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