5 Honest Truths From Maren Morris’ “Bummin’ Cigarettes”

Maren Morris just released her HERO deluxe album which included three new songs.

“Bummin’ Cigarettes” was one of the three songs that really hit home for me personally. Of course, I have my reasons as to why it really struck me, but I have no doubt many of you will feel the same way after you listen. In a way, the song acted to me as a wake-up call. This is what I got from it, and for others out there maybe you’ll relate.

1. Stop trying to fix and figure everything out all by yourself.

“I need to get more sleep, I been stayin’ up all night
Maybe when I drink, I need to stick to red wine.”

From the very beginning of the song, my attention was captured. Let’s start with the line about staying up all night. For me, my lack of sleep (usually) is something I could control. The reasons I’m not sleeping revolve around my constant worry and overthinking. The thoughts running through my mind are often over things I can’t change or people who I shouldn’t waste a second of my time thinking about.

In these hours of the night, I try to become the “fixer.” I try to figure out how I can change something that is out of my control. Although my intentions aren’t bad, I need to realize it’s not my job to fix it all. I need to give those thoughts to God.

2. Get your priorities straight.

“I need to pick up the phone, see what’ going on back home

While I’m in the midst of all my “problems” I easily forget the people who have been there by my side from the start. I’m so focused on doing the best that I can in my life that I forget the people I love back home are also getting older and living there lives as I go.

3. Stop trying to make something work that you know isn’t right.

Just admit, when I’m with him, I still feel alone

Guilty. And still working on this. I fell for a guy who I knew from the beginning I should not get involved with. We were way too different, our values didn’t line up, when I was with him there were more moments of tension than happiness. Yet, no matter how many red flags there were I got to a point that I settled. I settled for a feeling of loneliness even though I was with someone I was supposed to eventually possibly love.

3. A few temporary highs DO NOT equal love.

” I been going down a road that’s a little too travelled
I should find the common thread that makes it all unravel
Like laying down my dollar just for a temporary high
I got to quit bummin’ cigarettes from the wrong guys.”

The guy I settled for has been a traveled road if you know what I mean. I’d lay down my dollar and settle in return for a temporary high. Those temporary highs seemed so much greater in the moment than they actually were and that’s because they were so rare.

A guy shouldn’t get to decide when he treats you right depending on the day. And I shouldn’t let my heart accept that as love because it’s not. If someone loves you, every single day should feel like a high and the lows will be the occasional bumps in the road that you work through together.

4. Take your own advice.

“I should slow this train, and take my own advice
Stop saying that some day, gonna make it right
It’s just a red light, it’s just a wrong turn
Another drag on a Friday night, it’s about time I learned”

Your mom, your mom’s mom, and your mom’s great aunt’s daughter’s cousin ALL KNOW he’s no good. EVERYONE KNOWS…even you.

The problem is you can’t get yourself to accept that it’s not going to work. I personally struggled because I hated the idea that I wasted so much time and effort on someone just to see it come to an end. What I had to learn as I went through the end is that nothing is a waste if I learn from it. Even though it didn’t work out in the end, I still had the choice to learn from the relationship. Taking the time to reflect on the good and bad will help down the road. If you see it’s a wrong turn, don’t take it. Just take your own advice.

5. Guard your heart.

“Stop laying down my heart and find my own life
I got to quit bummin’ cigarettes from the wrong guys.”

It’s important to guard your heart above all else. If you let just any guy have it, you’ll never be able to tell who really wants it. Don’t let your heart become something that’s just tossed around. Protect it and wait for the guy who PROVES to you that he deserves it.

Don’t settle for the next guy who notices you, wait for the one who sees you for more than your looks, respects you, wants to know you, chases you, and makes you a priority. If he loves you, he’ll wait for you as you slowly let your guard down.

I really do need to stop bummin’ those damn cigarettes…

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