You Won’t Believe How Granger Smith Met His Wife

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Granger Smith, also known as Earl Dibbles Jr., is fairly new to the mainstream country music scene. Little did most of us know, this guy was putting up music videos for jams for songs like “Don’t Listen To The Radio” all the way back in 2009. (see below)

But the most impressive part of this production isn’t even the song or the video, it’s the girl.

In face, the woman who plays Granger’s girlfriend in the video eventually went on to be his wife.

The “girlfriend” in the video was a role that Smith looked to Craigslist to fill. Him and his production team interviewed applicants in a motel conference room, (which don’t worry – Granger admits was totally creepy), but he walked away feeling like he still hadn’t found the one.

When a team member Facebook messaged him a picture of the beautiful Amber Bartlett, Smith knew she was the one.

She ended up filling Granger’s “girlfriend” role in the video, then in real life, before being upgraded to fiance, wife and now, mom to the couples adorable kids.

How’s THAT for a “how we met” story?

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