Woman That Wear All Black Have A Better Chance Of Taking Over The World Basically

Wearing all black, and loving it, has a meaning.

If you’re a woman that loves wearing black, here’s what it says about you…

Unlike the old days, black is no longer just a color of mourning. Black symbolizes extremes — it’s all or nothing — and is a color of strength, power, sophistication, elegance, and authority. Wearing black shows you’re confident, and aware, but not cocky.

You aren’t easily influenced. Black does not mean you’re sad, or lacking emotion, it can actually mean quite the opposite. The opinions of others don’t bother you, and you’re full of emotion, good and bad at times. You don’t dwell on the past, or doing things you don’t want to do. You make up your mind and go get what you want. 

You’re not afraid to stand out, but also don’t mind staying out of the spotlight. Hell, you’ll even wear a dirty shirt, black hides that food stain. And, you’re smart, you know about the magical slimming effect of black. Hell. Yes.

You’re timeless, elegant, and love making a statement.

You’re creative, artistic, and will voice your opinion when it matters. You don’t give a fuck.

You’re edgy, smart, and bust your ass. Wearing all black isn’t a sad thing, a bad thing, it’s a sign of toughness, brilliance, and independace. Now, go tell that person for the 100th time, “no,” you aren’t going to a funeral…

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