Aaron Lewis’ New Song “Folded Flag” Will Rip Your Heart Clean Out

This is a country song.

This is a great song, regardless of genre. This is one of those songs that rips your heart right out. It brings the tears. The chills. It has it all, and Aaron Lewis delivers the message perfectly.

“Folded Flag” was written by Marty Morgan, Luc Nyhus and Yasmine Van Wilt. The story behind the lyrics revolves around a member of the military that will killed in action, and is speaking to his widow. Truly heartbreaking, but powerful as can be.

A person holding a trophy

“Two men with starch white gloves / Fold the colors ’til they touch / It’s probably more than I deserve / But I’m proud to get this much / Sendin’ all the love I ever had / Inside this folded flag.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock