We Need To Bring Back The Fanny Pack




These are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the fanny pack. The fanny pack was kicked aside years ago as pockets become the “cool” thing to utilize. The fanny pack was treated like a traitor, a sort of freak show, banished from the homes and hips of people all over, left to fend for itself, but to no avail. We need to change this.

If you’re like me, what makes you the most paranoid in a big crowd, while day drinking, at the beach, etc? Yup, losing your shit. Phone, wallet, keys, all that stuff that makes your heart sink to your asshole when you think you just lost it. With a fanny pack, it’s much less likely something falls out of your pocket in a cab, gets misplaced, or stolen. The fanny pack has always been one of the most functional accessories known to man, and man needs to start wearing it once more. Women too.

If you wear a fanny pack today, it shows a couple things.

1. You’re confident.

2. You’re smart.

3. You don’t give a fuck.

4. You know how to have a good time.

5. You don’t give a fuck.

Let’s make it our mission to bring back the joys of the fanny pack. This legend deserves a rebirth.

Grab your Retro USA fanny pack here.

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