6 Life Lessons Everybody Should Learn From Country Music (And The Playlist To Prove It)

“Everything I need to know, I learned it from the radio.” – Thomas Rhett

Fact is, he’s right. Country music is full of little bits of wisdom and lessons for growing up. From love and loss to family and God, country music tackles every aspect of life, both good and bad. From generation to generation, we are shaped by the music we listen to and right now country music is more influential than it has ever been.

Here’s 6 life lessons we can all learn from country music:

1. Work Should Be Hard

Whether you’re on Wall Street or a blue collar family man, work should be hard. Anything worth having requires effort and hard work to get there. That’s the only way we know as country folks and the value of hard work is taught from a young age. Getting up early and earning an honest living, providing for your family and having some change left over to put the beer on the table makes that Friday all the sweeter. Work hard, play hard and God bless the working man.

2. Don’t Forget Your Roots

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Going back to the house that built me is always a special for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the nostalgia that reminds you of growing up playing in the dirt or pride I feel when I go driving through my town. Chances are some of us never left but one way or another I’m constantly reminded that country music keeps calling me home.

3. Bad Things Will Happen….& Then Get Better

We all have to play the hand we were dealt and sometimes it can get difficult on the journey of your life.Sometimes, tragedy strikes and you can’t say or do anything other really than drink a beer. But whether it’s the loss of a loved one, bad relationships, or struggling to get by, we’re constantly reminded that every storm runs out of rain eventually and it won’t be like this for long.

4. Respect Your Parents

Most of the stuff we learn growing up is from our parents and country music teaches us to appreciate that. So parents, even when it doesn’t seem like it, your kids are watching you. Whether it’s learning how to drive or just teaching you how to be strong. Whether it’s being there from the start or being there when they didn’t have to be. Where would we all be without some of those fathers and mothers that shaped us into the people we grew up to be.

5. Take Time To Enjoy Life

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Sometimes you just need to stop, take a look around, and get into the living part of life. Country music gives us an appreciation for the simple things. After all, it’s a great day to be alive and it’s important to enjoy the people around you while they are still there and to go out and do the things you want while you still can. It sounds a little cliche, but if you want the most out of life…. live like you were dying.

6. Believe In Something Bigger Than Yourself

Most country music fans and artists alike have a belief and hope in something. Be it in God, or family, or love they often trust in things that are bigger than themselves. They are true believers in many of the things that have been previously mentioned above. Whether you saw God today or just believe in something but you’re not quite sure, follow your arrow wherever it leads you, but remember that life isn’t just about you.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock