Steve Moakler Sums Up The Sting Memories Can Have In “Summer Without Her”

“Could you tell her one thing, that it ain’t summer without her.”

Steve Moakler just released his album, Steel Town. His talent is through the roof. He is not only a top notch vocalist but also an incredibly talented songwriter. One of the songs from Steel Town called “Summer Without Her” immediately¬†hit my heart hard the first time I heard it.

The lyrics give me flashbacks to summer flings of the past and relationships from the in general. The song interprets the struggle that moving on has. He/she is impossible to forget altogether because of the little things, whether it be the taste of a drink to a certain time of the year, reminds you of the memories the two of you have together. What makes moving on so hard are the sweet memories that haunt you.

Be sure to check out Steve’s new album Steel Town.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock