Aaron Lewis Says It’s Just As Country Up North With “Northern Redneck”

If you call yourself country and live in the Northern or Midwest states, this just might be your anthem.

“Northern Redneck” courtesy of Aaron Lewis.

‘Cause we got outlaws, we got hicks
We got honkytonks out in these sticks
We love our whiskey and we love our homegrown
God damn it’s so good to be home

We wear Carhart, we don’t wear suits
We wear square toes and Chippewa boots
And we all know where we come from
And we’ll be right here when it’s done

What you all don’t understand
It ain’t all about the southern man

‘Cause we got family livin’ out in these woods
We got pride and a sense of what’s good
And we all got dirt on our hands
It’s a song for the workin’ man

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock