5 Songs That Will Make Anybody Into A Sturgill Simpson Fan

God bless Sturgill Simpson.

Although he didn’t bitchslap the entire world with a Grammy All-Genre Album of the Year win, he did make huge strides for country music on both the global scale, and within the country music world itself. The truth is, Sturgill is a stone cold badass with an out of this galaxy ability to write songs.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate to radio plays and notoriety amongst the average country fan. So for those of you who have only recently heard of Sturgill through his Grammy appearance, here are 5 songs that are sure to make you into a lifelong fan.

1.¬†Life Ain’t Fair & The World Is Mean

2. Brace For Impact (Live A Little)

3. Turtles All The Way Down

4. Long White Line

5. Sea Stories

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock