Lauren Alaina’s “Think Outside The Boy” Will Have You Double Checking Your Standards

Double checking and maybe even triple checking.

I can’t stop listening to Lauren Alaina’s new album ‘Road Less Traveled.’ I mean with a voice like that how could you not be automatically attached?

Her song “Think Outside The Boy” from this new album is one that all girls need to have on their radar. I personally love it because it reminds girls that they need to put themselves first. Yeah a relationship is two people, takes work, giving a little, and taking a little; but it’s also about sharing the person you are. What I mean by that is what Alaina is singing about.

“But I gave up what I wanted
And I gave him control
I lost myself in a deep, dark hole”

Don’t be that girl who falls too head over heels for a boy where she completely loses herself, don’t be that girl who easily gets swept off her feet by the first smile thrown her way, and don’t be that girl who can’t “think outside the boy.”

There’s so much more I love about this song and the meaning it gives to girls everywhere. Just take my word for it and listen to below.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock