5 Country Singers Who Are Openly Gay

Chely Wright smiling for the camera

I give a lot of credit to the men and women of country music who have come out over the years.

It’s not exactly the easiest genre to do that in. All I want in this world is for people to be happy and comfortable with who they are. We need love, and lots of it, across the board. Share the love, embrace your neighbor, regardless of color, where they are from, or their sexual orientation.

Here are 5 country singers/songwriters who are openly gay today.


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From Bustle: Brandy Clark had a lot of trouble breaking into the country music industry, but her star is rising. Her own music is not climbing the charts quite yet, but her collaborations with stars like Kasey Musgraves are very successful. Clark told the Washington Post, “I don’t write songs for straight people or gay people or black people or white people. I write songs for people. I want them to put themselves in these songs. I would feel that way if I was straight.” She is not the only song writer to struggle when it comes to writing her own songs, but she has a great story to tell and I believe she will find great success.


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From Bustle: Ty Herndon realized that he was gay at age 10, and he began coming out to close friends and family in his twenties. He told People magazine, “You have to be able to do that in your own skin, and [my family] has seen me struggle with being gay my whole career.” He is very happy with his long-term partner Matt who he has been with since 2008. It must be such a relief for Herndon to live his life in the open.


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At only 11, Billy Gilman arrived on the country charts with the hit single, “One Voice.”

After Ty Herndon publicly revealed his sexuality, Gilman posted a video on his YouTube channel that revealed that he also was gay man. Gilman recently placed 2nd on The Voice.


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From Bustle: Chely Wright made history when she came out to People magazine in 2010. She told the publication of her hesitation, “There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality. I wasn’t going to be the first,” but continued, ”Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out.” Wright made a brave decision and set a great example by being so open.


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From Bustle: Shane McAnally was a performer in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but now he spends his days writing for artists like Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert, and for the television show Nashville. He told the New York Times in 2013, “My career really took off when I came out. When I stopped hiding who I am, I started writing hits.”

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