These Candles Take You Down Memory Lane, Smell Like Your Home State, Make The Perfect Gift

If you’re anything like me, you struggle finding the right gift for the people that matter most in your life. You want it to be perfect. Perfect is hard to find when it comes to gifts, but this one comes close.

Everyone and their mama loves candles. But these candles are different. Homesick Candles smell like your home state, they take you back, it’s pure nostalgia and everything you love about memory lane. It’s a badass idea, but more importantly, the product delivers, they are top notch and have EVERY state covered, including some of our favorites like Illinois (hints of grain fields, violets (the state flower), and lake breeze) and Tennessee (hints of Magnolia and Tennessee single malt whiskey).

It’s gonna be tough to find a more thoughtful gift this year, I mean, just look how pretty…

To see ALL the states, plus limited edition cities, click here. Happy Holidays to all, now make your house really smell like home

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