72 Thoughts I Had While Listening To Miranda Lambert’s Brilliant “The Weight Of These Wings”

These days, Miranda is letting her music do the talking and we’re hearing her loud and clear.

After her extremely public divorce from country superstar Blake Shelton, Miranda went back to doing what does best. Writing country music. The finished product? A 24-track masterpiece about heartbreak, coping, moving on and sometimes just moving, even if you don’t know where to.

I sat down, poured me a glass (or two) of whiskey and just let the entire thing play. These are my thoughts.

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  1. Long intro…
  2. Where is Lafayette?
  3. “Going North, but I know I’m headed South” – love it.
  4. Oh… Louisiana.
  5. Reminds me of an Eric Church song.
  6. Damn, good start.
  7. Funky.
  8. Trippy solo.
  9. “Ugly lights” makes me think of those people that leave their Christmas lights up all year and still turn them on in March.
  10. Finally, a last call anthem.
  11. Ugly lights… haha
  12. Been there, done that.
  13. Dig the bass line.
  14. I think I could be friends with Miranda.
  15. Like, if I was a girl.
  16. I guess either way though.
  17. “Bless your heart” is definitely a negative.
  18. Good single choice.
  19. I feel like I should be stoned for this song.
  20. Miranda is a badass.
  21. Written from a guy’s eyes… Intrigued.
  22. Feel like Anderson East should be singing this.
  23. He wrote it. Duh.
  24. Beautiful.
  25. This one too.
  26. It’s pretty dark, but real.
  27. Yeah, I definitely think we’d be friends.
  28. Honesty is cornerstone of good songwriting.
  29. Sexy.
  30. And dirty.
  31. Holy shit.
  32. This song is beautiful.
  33. Love the harmony with Anderson East
  34. “If it has to end in tears, I hope it’s in 60 years,”…
  35. Need to hear that one again.
  36. Miranda sure does love the road.
  37. Love the steel licks.
  38. Heavy.
  39. Here’s to commitment issues!
  40. Preachin’ to the choir sister.
  41. Disc two.
  42. F*cking genius.
  43. Song of the album so far.
  44. F*ck you Mr. Tin Man.
  45. Never thought a song would make me say that.
  46. A little more chipper.
  47. Not sure when the good ol days were.
  48. Or why everyone misses them.
  49. Good luck finding them though.
  50. Brilliantly introspective.
  51. I like this one.
  52. Like the rhyming.
  53. I support this 100%
  54. Raw is always better.
  55. Hottest tomboy I’ve ever seen.
  56. So old school. Love it.
  57. So true. So classic
  58. A never give up anthem.
  59. Motivational.
  60. Totally thought she said little fa la la’s.
  61. Didn’t make sense. I like it more now.
  62. Dig that little intro interruption.
  63. They’re always a bad choice.
  64. Ain’t that the truth…
  65. Time heals that.
  66. Background vocals sound cool.
  67. Loving the harmonies.
  68. Makes me want a whiskey and a sunrise.
  69. Back to the road.
  70. Screaming solo.
  71. That’s how to close out an album.
  72. Good stuff.

Click here to download The Weight Of These Wings on Apple Music.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock