Aaron Lewis Sets The Record Straight With Bobby Bones

As you know by now, we broke the story about Aaron Lewis calling out some country stars. That shit went mega-viral, and caused some great conversation.  By the way, do a quick search of “Aaron Lewis” on our site and you will see we have posted more videos of his music than anyone…

The other night, Bobby Bones and Aaron Lewis started a back and forth on Twitter. Noting malicious, but you could tell things were really at a tipping point, and people needed to hear from Aaron. So, today, he went on the Bobby’s show to clear the air.


Aaron said he has no beef with Bobby and wasn’t “trying to piss in anyone’s Corn Flakes.”

“I was just trying to play to the crowd I was playing in front of it and make a statement. Maybe I didn’t need to call out anybody’s names, but I stand by my statement.”

When Bobby asked him about his “hate” for artists he called out including Dan + Shay, he denied it.

“That’s not true at all. I’ve actually sat and gotten quite drunk with Dan + Shay. I don’t hate them at all,” Aaron said. “This was not an attack on their character in any way shape or form. You have to put it into context. This was a motorcycle rally in Colorado where everybody was on their way to Sturgis. This was a bunch of black leather-clad wearing, older folks. I was playing to the crowd.”

I for one, sorta see where Aaron is coming from. I never had a problem with the guy to begin with, and enjoy his version of authentic country music.

The Tweets with #ThatAintCountry got pretty amusing, as you’ll see below…


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