Ray Fulcher Turns It Up To 11 With ‘Here We Go Again’ EP

Y’all gotta hear this. 

Ray Fulcher is one we’ve had our eye on for a while and he’s just released a new EP called Here We Go Again. Ray has this voice that will never let you question if this is country music or not. He wrote on every song on the record so you know he’s dedicated to his music and the real deal. The goal of a musician is to be bigger and better every time and that’s exactly what Fulcher accomplished with this release. He’s practiced and honed his craft and this collection of songs is a good “welcome back”. Here We Go Again landed at number nine on the iTunes country charts and that’s pretty impressive.

One of the stand out songs off of Ray’s new EP is “Bad Habits”, which most people can relate too. Going back to that ex you know you shouldn’t? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Ray put that situation into lyrics with this one. Check out this video with a preview of “Bad Habits.”

My personal favorite song off of the EP is “Almost”. It’s a brave love song that paints a picture of a guy chasing after the girl.

Ray is headed out on the road to promote this new EP and we’ve got the dates for you to see if he’s headed to your city. If he is, don’t pass it up. Be sure to pick up Here We Go Again on iTunes here.

The “Here We Go Again” Tour Dates

9/15 Tin Roof – Cincinnati, OH
9/16 Tin Roof – Cincinnati, OH
9/17 Nash Vegas – Columbia, MO
9/23 The Still – Gadsden, AL
9/24 Kappa Alpha – Auburn, AL
10/7 Georgia vs Carolina Parking Lot Party – Columbia, SC
10/8 Alpha Gamma Rho – Clemson, SC
10/19 Exit/Inn – Nashville, TN
10/20 Tin Roof – Columbia, SC
10/21 The Booth – Tuscaloosa, AL
10/22 Capital City – Milledgeville, GA
10/26 Skybar – Auburn, AL
10/27 Maverick’s – Jacksonville, FL
11/9 Kappa Sigma – Statesboro, GA
11/10 Gnat’s Landing – Statesboro, GA
11/11 Hedge’s On Broad – Athens, GA
11/16 Legends – Boone, NC
11/17 Schmitt’s Saloon – Morgantown, WV
11/19 Breaker’s Live – Columbia, SC

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A beer bottle on a dock